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Pink Silver + Black Dust


Code: P3759

The collection Polvere di Sogni is made of Silver 925.

Brand: Pesavento

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The collection Polvere di Sogni is made of Silver 925 coated with reflective micro-particles in various colors. These micro-particles are obtained with nanotechnological processing of some natural products like coal, depending on the features and colors that you want to achieve. This jewellery is dusted with a beautiful powder, enhancing the silver forms with a magical play of light. Polvere di Sogni is an exclusive Pesavento collection, the result of research into the materials and processes of nanotechnology, applied in a new and creative way to jewellery production. Since its launch in 2011, the Polvere di Sogni collection has continued to reinvent itself with new colours and applications, attracting customers all over the world with its capacity to charm and surprise.

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