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The magic of Italian-made jewellery

The magic of Italian-made jewellery

Giovanni Ferraris: being original, since 1985

The company was established in 1985, and today, experience and work, as well as imagination and quality, combine together to produce a series of extremely eclectic collections, always choosing to be unconventional, rather than obvious and basic.

The love for originality has emerged since the early years, when Giovanni Ferraris specialised in the production of jewellery watches. Later, he turned his talents to jewellery and devoted himself to reasearching and experimenting, and to technical and formal innovation.

Looking at the workbenches where he learned his job, and that he left to run his company, Giovanni Ferraris claims he is a genuine craftman working in his workshop, and making every single thing in-house.

This is how things are being carried out at Giovanni Ferraris’s, and will keep being so in the future, in line with the spirit of authentic Italian tradition, with the best quality and great creativity.

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