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Pedro Duran

About Pedro Duran

Pedro Durán It is one of the most reputed brands in silver jewellery. Models of frames for photos as the line “Adorno” they are well known and easily recognizable. Miguel watches jewelry we work with PEDRO DURAN years. Possibly most important Goldsmith of Spain brand. Today, There is a wide variety of products in their catalog, adapted to today's life.

In 1860, born in Santiago de Compostela, Pedro Durán Morales, man wakes up intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit. After a hard training with the most illustrious European goldsmiths, cover in 1886 silversmiths workshop, where it begins to produce very special parts resulting from the mixture of metal and the soul of man. What leads to that in 1899 the Royal House name to PEDRO DURÁN official supplier of the same.

During these 120 years history the firm has evolved along with the times, without losing its traditional value.

The parts leaving the factory Pedro Durán are the result of a methodical treatment and continued. Beginning with the realization of their own designs, based on the experience and the needs and market trends. In the process of elaboration of each of the parts joined: artisan tradition, technology and highly qualified personnel. No link in the production chain Pedro Durán is left to chance; everything is controlled and monitored so that its products have the highest quality.

All materials used in the products of Pedro Durán follow a standard of quality as they are: the rear of the frameworks are bubinga wood, glass of bohemia in his decantadotes, etc.

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