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About Mondraghi

Mondraghi is known for its sleek, discreet design. Virtually invisible when placed in pockets, its rounded edges avoid tears. Ideal for credit cards, loyalty cards, passes, and documents. Features a RFID anti-counterfeiting chip A patented money clip is included.

Mondraghi Philosophy
Our inspiration was to create an essential wallet, in which you can put everything you need in your daily life. The Mondraghi mini wallets are designed to help you keep your money and cards securely, ensuring great functionality and ease of use.

We carry our wallets with us wherever we go and whatever we do during the day. They contain our personal documents, cash, cards, and ID. Over time, wallets can become cumbersome objects as we slowly fill them with pieces of paper, receipts, etc. A habit which has an immediate impact on a wallet’s look as well as causing potential problems.

Posture: if you spend your days at a desk or driving, carrying a heavy wallet feels uncomfortable and can lead to posture issues.

Theft or loss: carrying a bulky and visible wallet in your back pocket can make a thief’s job a lot easier. Or we might unnecessarily attract attention to where it is by checking it often in crowded places.

The mini wallet easy to use
Mondraghi mini wallet allows you to store money, credit cards and cards. It can be easily stowed in the front pocket of trousers or in the pocket of your jacket. Mondraghi can hold up to 9 cards with easy insertion and extraction system. The light alloy frame blocks the cards securely, so they cannot accidentally slip out.

Why Us?
- Beautiful and precious thanks to its high quality leather.
- Credit cards are protected by the integrated RFID system.
- The patented Clip enables you to insert and extract money in a single and natural gesture.
- Mondraghi is handcrafted in Italy.

Leather Goods Collection

Our ispiration was to create an essential wallet, in which you can put everything you need in your daily life.

Leather Goods Collection
Produced by Zheta International