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Giorgio Visconti

About Giorgio Visconti

Combining the excellence of the Italian goldsmithing tradition with contemporary and innovative design. Providing the joy of an affordable luxury to lovers of the elegance of Italian production with jewelry to be worn, enjoyed, or passed down as precious items.

Our story begins in 1946, when Giorgio Visconti opened a workshop in Valenza where he created exclusive items of jewelry and watches. His name soon became symbolic of a brand reaching beyond Italy, gaining a following in Europe and the United States. In the 1990s, the company opened its first overseas branches in the United States and Japan, and launched advertising campaigns which made the brand known worldwide.

Today the founder’s sons, Andrea and Fabrizio, are at the helm of the Giorgio Visconti brand. They follow in their father’s footsteps with the spirit and awareness of preserving a heritage of goldsmithing tradition, expert craftmanship, and jewelry innovation and creativity. The headquarters are and have always been in the most important and historic goldsmith area in Italy: Valenza, in Piedmont. It is here that the entire jewelry-making process takes place, from the design to production stage. Here too diamonds and precious stones arrive from all over the world, where they come together with gold and goldsmith expertise that transforms them into Giorgio Visconti jewelry.


Rings that keeps the memory of your life precious moments. Simple flash of light that will shine forever.

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